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Last Day of Banbury Art Crawl today/saturday. I was on the news a few times this week. watch here.

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My studio in Banbury will be open for the art crawl this weekend!

Artisan Forge indoors March Makers' market on saturday 3/26


Holiday Show with many artists this weekend at MABEL TAINTER in Menomonie, WI.

We Got on the news with our Haunted Art Gallery! Plus my work is featured on this month's Volume One Magazine.

"TAR PITS OF THE MIDWEST" art available and AMORPHOUS ART SHOW in NorthEast Minneapolis.

BRAND NEW HEADLESS HORSEMAN ART PRINT! Limited Halloween edition, almost gone!

Some Live Inking for you this week - ZOIDBERG!

MANIMAAAAAAL!!! Inked Muppets art for Tim!

Some FARGO (the TV Series) art work I did.

How to ink a Comic book cover (then use it for wedding invites) :)

Commission work to Benefit the Cartoon Art Museum

Some new Secret of Nimh personal client work.


Evil Orko and how to use florescant paint for Comic Art.

Inking Lesson: The Puckmarin from Flight of the Navigator - ART GIVEAWAY!

Inking Deethra from Dark Crystal!

BASKET CASE III framed basket artwork!

Tales from the Crypt Inked Covers

"The Ifrit"

"Apathetic Anonymous " subconscious dream painting. What does it mean?

"Lady Amalthea and the Bull" Last Unicorn fan art for the Unicorn art show 5

Daryl inked artwork!

Venom Denim!